For most of our time in Boracay, we stayed at Second Wind Hostel by MNL.

It was a bit far from the beach and from D’Mall, but the place was really nice and the rooms were really tidy!

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Very typical me, whilst my boyfriend was unloading our bags and checking out the room, I looked for the mirror and took a mirror-fie (mirror selfie, no?).

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Did I mention that Second Wind Hostel’s mattresses were really comfy? Plus, their sheets smelled really good!

Also, I really liked the ‘banig’ inspired design on the wall. It was a nice Filipino touch.

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We had a Deluxe Double Room, and you could book this room for about PHP 1,500.00. Not a bad price considering what you’re going to get.

This room also has an air conditioning and a ceiling fan. Plus, they have cute ceiling designs, don’t you think? I really like the colour blocking.

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They also have a television for this room type. However, they cable signals were really bad so you might just have to watch something from your phone or laptop. Yikes!

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Now this is one hostel that’s really thinking about their interior design, heh! Just look at that mirror and light. It looks really chic!

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You can see that they have a little bulletin board at their concierge. There are list of things to do, places to go and restaurants to try. It’s very informative, which I think helps a lot of travellers who just go with the flow.

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Oh, one thing to take note of if you want to stay at Second Wind Hostel is that they only accept cash due to the fact that their Card Terminal is under repair.

DISCLAIMER: We stayed a month ago so we don’t really know if it’s fixed or still under maintenance now, so you better email them to check.

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They have an outdoor common room with wooden chairs and table. If we weren’t always at the beach then maybe we’d be able to stay here more often because it was really nice and breezy during the afternoon and at night. Maybe next time, hehehe.

Also, I love the plant decorations everywhere. It’s really refreshing to see plants and greens at a hostel because not everyone thinks of decorating their spaces with plants because it’s very hard to maintain, so kudos to Second Wind Hostel by MNL!

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I’ll admit that it was quite a bit walk, especially if you’re not really familiar with the area, but you’ll get there. Just ask around. Everyone if the Philippines basically speaks English and Second Wind Hostel is a pretty popular spot in Boracay.

SUGGESTION/S: Maybe try to fix the Card Terminal as soon as possible because sometimes it’s really such a hassle to just take out money from the ATM just for paying your accommodation. Especially if your hotel/hostel is so far from the beaches, because we took out money from the ATM just to pay for the hostel and we got robbed by the beach, lol. So maybe that’s the only thing. Oh, and maybe a bit of smile or ‘have a nice day’ from the staff at the concierge would be nice.

DIRECTION/S: So this place is quite a bit far from the beaches, as I’ve said a while ago. But if you’re going from D’Mall, just click HERE for the directions and you’re good to go!

I’d like to thank the Management and Staff at Second Wind Hostel by MNL for a very pleasant stay during our trip to Boracay.

If you’d like to check them out, just click HERE and you will be redirected to their website.

***This is a sponsored post.

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