After eating a lot of good Filipino food for the past few weeks, Micah and I just craved for some authentic Moroccan food. And after digging up and researching about the best spot to get Moroccan food in Boracay, we stumbled upon this hidden gem at Station 1, Kasbah: Flavors of Morocco.

We were staying at Station 2 so I must admit that it was such a looooooong walk. It was worth the shot nonetheless.

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Kasbah is pretty much very Moroccan inspired, as you can see from its interior (or exterior, lol).

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They have such pretty table settings, flags, and all the servers were really, really nice to us. I also loved how colourful this tent was.

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Oh, and did I mention that it’s a beach front property so you have direct access to the beach.

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They also have lounge chairs and bean bags, which I think was pretty awesome if you just want to chill by the beach and watch the sunset or some fire dancers.

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First order of business is Hummus and Pita Bread. I’m such a big fan of hummus so I was a bit scared about trying out their homemade ones because I didn’t want it to be badly executed. But, boy, was I wrong. Their Hummus and Pita Bread was actually so flavourful!

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I personally am a big fan of gyros, so when I saw that they served Chicken Gyro on their menu, I just felt the need to have it. I wasn’t disappointed because it tasted really good. There’s a balance between the vegetables, sauces and the meat, plus their homemade bread wasn’t dough-y at all. It’s just the right texture.

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Now this is one of my summer staples; watermelon shakes. It’s just the right amount of coolness and sweetness, plus it’s guaranteed to make you feel refreshed!

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My boyfriend also wanted to try one of their gyros but he opted for a different meat variety. He tried their Lamb Gyro. According to him it was really meaty in a good way, and really sauce-y.

Oh, and have you noticed how adorable their tomato arrangements are? Heh!

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Micah ordered a can of soda to ease the hotness away. Couldn’t blame him though, it was pretty hot that day.

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Of course we had to order a salad so we tried their Greek Salad. It was really refreshing because the vegetables were really fresh, plus the dressing was really light and it doesn’t overpower the vegetables or the feta cheese.

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Speaking of feta cheese, just look at this magnificent plate of Greek Salad. Now I’m drooling in front of my computer, ah!

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We had a wonderful time dining with Kasbah, and it was truly, a wonderful palette trip to Morocco.

SUGGESTION/S: I think it would be a bit nicer if there were more fans at the tables inside the restaurants because it gets really hot at noon, or even at night.

DIRECTION/S: We just basically walked from D’Mall at Station 2 to Kasbah: Flavors of Morocco at Station 1. Please be reminded that it is a VERY long walk, and there’s no other mode of transportation because it’s in front of the white beach so just bear with me here, heh! Also, please know that all the walking doesn’t compare to the happiness and satisfaction you’ll get once you try their wonderful food! Not even joking.

Many thanks to the wonderful people who made our dining experience at Kasbah: Flavors of Morocco a memorable one.

Also, thanks to Mr. Arnel for being so nice and hospitable during our meal.

We will definitely come back once we go to Boracay, and we’ll definitely tell our friends about this place.

***This is a sponsored post.

“A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

Proverbs 21:2 NIV



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